Top Tier Movie Looking for Actors in Your Area


An Academy Award nominated actress has chosen Seattle to film her next high profile movie.  Casting directors are searching for several major and minor roles to play in a comedy featuring a well-known star.  This movie will almost certainly be a hit in the box office, and now is your chance to make a name for yourself and get valuable experience in the fast-moving industry.

About the Movie:

The premise of this movie features a twenty-something woman leaving town after realizing she is overwhelmed with her current situation.  Her boyfriend proposes to her, and she has a realization that she is too young and tied down.  She goes on a hiatus, taking time to herself and re-discovering her lost youth.  Anyone can truly relate to this story because of its relevance in our fast-moving and ever-demanding world.

The casting directors are looking to cast extras and major characters in this movie set to film soon.  Apply today if you feel you have the youthful attitude that we are looking for.

Aspiring Actor’s Guide to Line Memorization

ScriptAspiring Actor’s Guide to Line Memorization

Sometimes an actor has a lot of lines to remember and commit to memory. Memorizing your lines for the camera is a little easier than memorizing lines for a stage play. Usually for a film, TV show or commercial the scenes are filmed out of sequence. The PA (Production Assistant) or director will give you the sides or scene for the day, that way you can look over those lines, focus on them and memorize them. If you need help remembering your lines follow these few easy steps and you will be able to commit your lines to memory.


  • Script
  • Highlighter
  • Tape recorder
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil

Some tips to help you with memorization:

  • First get your script, read over it.
  • Highlight all of your lines.
  • Begin saying them (out loud)

Sometimes when you rehearse with your fellow actors the lines are much easier to remember and memorize. Because you are hearing the responses to your character and it helps you to know what comes right before and right after your lines.

If you find that you are stuck and can’t seem to move past a certain point get a tape recorder. Start recording your lines as you go over them. Play them back and continue to listen to them every chance you get. As you listen to them you will memorize your lines and help you to remember them.

Another thing that can help you when you are stuck is to write down your lines. Try writing them down over and over again, this helps you remember your lines because not only are you writing them down you are seeing your lines and saying them.

Try putting an action with your lines. This helps you to remember your lines better. Come up with a certain action and continue to use it throughout your rehearsal.

Most importantly keep your script handy, the more you go over your script the easier it is for you to commit your lines to memory. Go over your lines every chance you get even when you’re not on set. Go over your lines over and over again and always be aware of any changes that the production may make to the script. It is important to Know Your Lines by keeping these simple tips in mind you will be well on your way to memorizing and remembering your lines.

Improv Tips Acting Tips

improv actingImprov Tips  Acting Tips

One of the best ways for an actor to keep their acting skills sharp is through improvisation. Doing a couple of improv activities and exercises can help an actor make a connection with their character. A great way to start is by grabbing a couple of friends and trying some improv exercises.

What you need:

  • Yourself
  • Other Actors (if they aren’t available a couple of your friends will do)

Be Spontaneous

Improv is about being spontaneous. There is no script, there are no characters and there is no story line. It is about acting out whatever is in your head or in the head of the actors around you. Don’t be afraid just go with it and let your creativity flow. Most importantly don’t sensor yourself.

Build on the scene

As an improv actor you must accept all offers, offers simply means and idea or character given to you by an actor or audience member. It is important that you remember YES AND. So if someone gives you an offer accept by saying ‘yes and’ then offer them something in return so that they can continue to build on the scene and idea. The focus of this method is to get everyone’s creativity flowing.

Warm Up

A great way for an actor to get into character is to do some improv activities and exercises. As stated before the idea behind improv is to get the creative juices ramped up. A lot of times actors have a very hard time find a connection with the scene and their character improv can take them out of this shell and lead the actor right to his character. Finding your character can be as simple as walking around and talking to the other actors or you can have a scene building session that involves your character. An actor’s best tool to get into the space they need to be is by using improvisational techniques.

Preparing an Audition Monologue

1672157_auditions_jpeg141956caa61cafc3acabd11084ff3d77Actors are normally required to use a monologue to audition when a side is not available for the actor to use. Audition monologue help to show the actors ability to deliver a performance. A well-prepared monologue can be a lucky tool. Preparing a monologue for your audition is quite simple and will give you an amazing advantage at auditions.

The industry standard for the length of a monologue is around two to three minutes long. Choose a monologue with a character that suites you and will engage your audience.

Explore your character’s history; like the character’s relationships, education, income, origin, hobbies, occupation and what’s truly important to your character.

Create whom you will talk to in this scene, it could be your best friend or your significant other or even an imaginary person. It helps you deliver the proper emotion.

Get a partner to help you improvise a scene and establish a good foundation for your character. Take the monologue and make it work for you.

Figure out what the intention or goal of your character is in this particular scene. What are their intentions? What is it that your character wants or needs? Break it down into actions that will help your character achieve their goals.

Familiarize yourself with your monologue by practicing every day. Be as comfortable as you can with your character and every action they take.

When delivering your monologue avoid starting slow. Avoid dragging out each sentence. Take your time but remain in a steady momentum. Being prepared ensures that you leave a great impression.

Casting a Face Model for an Educational Project

As an aspiring model it is important to know that modeling in your local hometown (also referred to as a local market) or regional market is a lot different than modeling in a big market like New York City or Paris. There are different types of modeling which include but trade show and promotional modeling which are live event modeling, local commercials, newspapers & newsletters, and corporate videos which are training or educational videos.

The requirements for a model in a local market are different that for a model in a large market. You do not have to be five-ten, a size two and between twenty-three to model in a local market. Clients in different local markets are always looking for different things. Sometimes the age, size or height of a model is not taken into consideration. Most clients in a local market are targeting a certain age range or a certain type of customer, so you can be a shorter model or an older model in a local market and thrive well.

Below is a casting call fo11955309-beautiful-young-woman-with-perforation-lines-on-her-face-before-plastic-surgery-operation-beauticianr Sunipa Pictures they are in need of face model for an upcoming project.

Sunipa Pictures is filming a piece with a top cosmetic injector about the specific site involved in facial procedures. NO SURGERY OR INJECTION INVOLVED IN THIS FILMING.

The surgeon will be using the face as a model to explain the main injection sites used in cosmetic surgery. It will involve the surgeon drawing on the face and explaining major nerve bundles and muscle groups as a training video for other surgeons in this field.

Mat Sunderland with Sunipa Pictures is looking for a 40-50 year old woman to model the face. If you are local to the Seattle area and available to work on this project please submit a current photo of yourself, resume and contact information to:

Acting Resources Roundup: For Seattle Talent

If you’re an actor or actress in the Seattle area and are looking for more acting opportunities then look no further. I have rounded up the best opportunities and resources on the internet for Seattle Actors.

Check it out:

Small acting roles, great for experience, great way to build your resume, and an awesome way to get comfortable in front of a camera and.

  • Commercial Auditions – Audition Database posts commercial auditions on a regular basis. Usually the jobs are quick, easy, and most of the time paid. A great way to get started off in the industry.
  • Movie Extras – Another great way to get started in the entertainment industry, a great opportunity to experience what it’s like on set (which is important), and sometimes they are paid too depending on the job. Not to mention it’s cool to hangout with celebrities on set.
  • Music Auditions – If you want to get some experience and love music, try applying to music video auditions. Project casting has a large list of music auditions that you should be taking advantage of.

Large acting roles, you might need a little experience (and maybe a little luck), but that’s okay, it’s worth trying anyway.

If I missed any great acting resources please let me know in the comments. I want to make this page become a very valuable tool for actors and aspiring actors… oh, and I guess models too :).

I hope that in some way you got some value out of this and it helps you further your acting/modeling career. Enjoy!


Cover Model Casting


Ages 15-25

***Everyone under 21 must come with the support of parents.

****Enter for a chance to win a spread editorial and video interview with a world renowned photographer.

Millennium Male is casting for this year’s millennium male model. Enter for a chance to become the face of this year’s Millennium male as well as the chance to win an editorial spread and a video interview with one of their affiliated studio’s world renowned photographers. Millenium male covers everything from male etiquette to where the hottest restaurants and nightclubs are. Focusing on staying current on all aspects of Men’s lifestyle Millenium male is famous for always being ahead of the curve. Our talent development management studio located in Manhattan employs world renowned photographers who shoot aspiring models and actors.  Continue reading